Pest Reports, Building Reports, Strata Reports, & Smoke Test Reports

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Report Pricing

Report TypeOnline PriceOffline Price
Pest Inspection $210.00 $220.00
Building Inspection $350.00 $370.00
Combined Pest & Building Inspection $495.00 $550.00
save $65 save $40
Strata Inspection $240.00 $250.00
Company Title Inspection $240.00 $250.00
Community / Neighbourhood Inspection $240.00 $250.00

Pest and Building Inspection Fees:

Our standard fees cover non-waterfront, single occupancy dwellings of up to 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a double garage and a single kitchen with a maximum of 2 living and 2 dining areas on up to a 1000 square meter building block. Studies are counted as bedrooms. A home is a maximum of 2 levels with a garage only on a third level. The scope of the inspection extends for a distance of up to 30 metres from the main dwelling. If you require a report on a larger residence or commercial premises, please contact our office with a detailed description of the premises by email on or by phone on 1300 858 902 and we will be happy to confirm the inspection fee.

Strata Inspections Clause:

Our standard fee for a strata inspection covers around 99% of NSW Strata Plans. A small number of Strata Plans will attract a higher fee due to voluminous records, a history of disputes and litigation or other related matters and require extra inspection time. In the rare case where you place a Strata Inspection order that will attract a higher fee, we will always contact you and obtain your approval for any fee increase before proceeding with the inspection.